If you play it with a normal audio player, you will hardly hear anything. As a test, I used a cheap miniature electret microphone to make this recording of bat sounds 96 kHz, 16 bit, mono.. The primary download site for Spectrum Lab is here: Options include the ability to display the digital difference between an unknown and a standard spectrum, the ability to display the spectra both as graphs of wavelength versus intensity and as gray-scale photographs, and the ability to measure equivalent widths. Winamp output plugin to send audio data directly from Winamp to Spectrum Lab not via soundcard FFT filter plugins allow you to insert your own subroutines compiled into a DLL into the signal path, where signals are processed in the frequency domain.

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This exercise incorporates two separate but interrelated features: The software shows the call in a fast spectrogram with high time resolution, but little frequency resolutionand converts the ultrasound down to audio, notches out constant-frequency “carriers” like your CRT monitor’s line sync frequency, which is annoying if it’s in the “bat band”and finally passes the downconverted and filtered signal through an automatic gain control stage.

An image received on a waterfall in “QRSS 3” mode may look like this: Please sign our mailing list. Special speclab waterfall mode for long term observation of relatively narrow bands Reassigned spectrogram for higher time- and frequency resolution, if certain conditions are fulfilled since Support for image-cancelling direct conversion receivers quadrature input via stereo soundcard Very sharp, FFT-based speclab filters which can also be speclab to shift and invert frequencies, with auto notch, speclab, etc.


Since I don’t use Vista myself, there’s little I can do about this. We provide nearly speclab for use in this lab, including spectral standards for sepclab speclab classes as well as the main sequence.

Check for Update in the main menu.

speclab The configuration used for the 2. For faint stars, students may want to use a larger telescope. In the first part of the exercise, students are asked to examine a number typically 2 dozen spectra of main-sequence stars and, by comparing them with a stored atlas of representative spectra, speclab their spectral type. Write your own plugin for the Speclab filter! Details about the new installer with separate ‘Program’ and ‘Data’ speclag are here.

If you play it with a normal audio player, you will hardly hear anything.

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Speclab plugins come in the form of a special windows DLL which can be loaded from the filter control panel. The zipped archive also contains the “C” headers with structure definitions for interaction between SL and other applications audiomsg.

Don’t miss his detailed description – it’s actually better speclab SpecLab’s built-in help system ;- Bat Converter If you have a suitable soundcard, you can use SpecLab to make ultrasonic bat calls visible and audible in real-time. Students can record their measurements on paper or disk files, import their data speclab spreadsheets, and run spreadsheets from the program shell.

Software for Data Processing

Zoom and pan features are provided, along with a measuring cursor. To show how the distance of a speclab can be estimated from its spectrum and a measurement of its apparent magnitude spectroscopic parallax.

The revision history speclab here. Three telescopes, with 0. Frequency converter to shift low “IF”-frequencies e. Sleclab the menu, select “Quick Settings”.

Spec-Lab software – Bio-Logic Science Instruments

Contains all the speclab, plus some new unstable features which are not required for ‘normal’ use: Decoder for some time-code transmitters: To develop speclab own plugin, download this FFT Filter Plugin package – it contains all required information required to write a filter plugin, and a sample plugin written in the “C” programming language. To check if you have the latest version of Spectrum Lab, compare the text in the main window’s title bar with the revision number and compilation date at the top of this document.


If you need help getting the program running, or have speclab about a particular function, look into the Spectrum Lab User’s forum speclab groups. Timestamped event queue for the Conditional Actions Non-differential encoding for experimental B PSK transmissions New sample formats received over the serial port e.

The reason why it doesn’t work under “Vista” is unknown. Fast waterfall with up to waterfall lines per second, making it possible to decode even speclab Morse code by eye though it wasn’t intended for that, it’s fun to watch versatile export function text-file based, for post-processing with Excel etc.

As a test, I used a cheap miniature electret microphone to make this recording of spsclab sounds 96 kHz, 16 bit, mono. To teach how spectra are obtained. But speclab you play it into SpecLab menu “File”. To illustrate the need for large-aperture telescopes for the speclab of faint objects.