You are not a soldier, you are not a rebel, they should understand that you are just a fighter… Yes, a fighter of a noble cause. Maembe Vitali sits on a porch in Dr es Salaam. Today Vitalis Maembe is beaten and attacked as if he is a robber. The YouTube video below is a song, Vuma, by the musician. Tuongee na na kujadili uovu, udhaifu. Nini nafasi ya sanaa na utamaduni kwa ujumla katika taifa letu: Last week’s arrests raise difficult questions about the constitutional right to gather, form opinions, exchange ideas, and protest.

vitalis maembe

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Nini nafasi ya sanaa na utamaduni kwa ujumla katika taifa letu: This is strongly contested by Vitali himself as well as Rose Peter Maigunga, a witness to Vitxlis violent arrest.

Tanzanian Musician and Activist Maembe Vitali Arrested and Released – Global Voices Advox

Vitali’s arrest occurred when students at the arts college staged a protest against school exams. Students attend weekly rehearsals and gather to learn about community building and social change. Michael Kadinde called the police to intervene. Through his music, Vitali channels freedom fighters and visionaries like Julius Nyerere, Frantz Fanon, and Biko with playful guitar riffs and signature acoustic sounds that invite listeners to consider new possibilities.

Historia inaweza isigeuzwe na hili tukio lakini ni nafasi yetu kutafiti bila ushabiki, bila kujipendelea na kujibagua kwamba sisi sio sehemu ya tatizo: While no direct correlation exists between the two arrests, the message is loud and clear: Comments containing hate speech, obscenity, and personal attacks will not be approved.


He goes on to sing about the troubled union between Tanganyika and Zanzibar, the controversial Mtwara gas pipelinearrogant politicians in parliament, and the pent up frustrations of everyday Tanzanian citizens who want economic justice, transparency and stability.

vitalis maembe

This site is licensed as Creative Commons Attribution 3. Photo from his public Facebook page.

Vitalis Maembe

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vitalis maembe

Another Facebook user Rachael Mwikali wrote:. Vitali suffered injuries due to excessive force by police and went to a private hospital for treatment on Thursday following his release on Wednesday evening.

Please treat others with respect. Hivyo hii ni nafasi yetu kujua hasa kiini cha jibu hili tulije kufuta usaha na kuacha kiini.

Vitali Maembe

Student activists refused to sit for an exam administered privately by the college, instead demanding that the exam aligns with and is recognized by VETA Vocational Education and Training Authority of Tanzania. Tuongee na na kujadili uovu, udhaifu. We ask, what is the position of art and culture in our country, both in terms of the government and society at large? Newsletter Weekly global internet censorship news. His arrest triggered an avalanche of online support by fans, colleagues, and fellow activists who posted photos and song clips, commiserated with the circumstances of his arrest and demanded his release through the hashtag FreeMaembe.


Tanzanian activist and musician Maembe Vitali.

Do not submit your vitalie more than once or it may be identified as spam. Sanaa sio jipu la taifa ni mzigo na uteja wa watu kama Vitali Maembe. Na isiishie Bagamoyo, nani anajua hali ya Chuo cha Butimba?

vitalis maembe

Now in Dar es Salaam recovering from his injuries, his supporters are calling for help on his behalf. Maembe Vitali has made a name for himself as an activist, musician, teacher, life coach and counselor, promoting the arts as a powerful tool for political expression. Taisisi ya Sanaa na Utamaduni Bagamoyo and disobeying police orders. The YouTube vitqlis below is a song, Vuma, by the musician. Is speaking the truth his crime? Mohamed Ismail Rwabukoba asked:.

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A project of Global Voiceswe are a global anti-censorship network of bloggers and activists dedicated to protecting freedom of expression online. Sending you positive energy,quick recovery and lots of love. The police sprayed tear gas on the student protestors, sparking violence. Maembe Vitali sits on a vvitalis in Dr es Salaam.