Here is version 1. The Cries of the woods an all new campaign that will let you take control of the mighty Furbolgs. This upgrade fixes an custom map exploit, a patch issue with Intel Macs, and makes it compatible with Battle. This pack contains warcraft 3 tft maps from over 1 year of playing. This is an AI version of the famous Defence of the Ancients map.

warcraft 3 map naruto vs bleach 1.3b

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Naruto vs Bleach 1.3b Download

Still, with a wee bit o’ luck, you and your neighbor can earn a bounty by slaying any beasties nearby. A war that would bldach the fate of all Survive in the wilderness against all odds! Here we have the latest and greatest release for all of the DoTA fans! If you answered yes, then this map is for you.

Revolution is a warcraft 3 custom map, based on 3 corridors map. Hero Defense – Tileset: You will get 10 gold for each kill.

bleach vs naruto warcraft 3

This mod is from the popular Battle Tanks by N-a-z-g-u-l. It is the One Ring, an mqp of absolute power that could allow Sauron, the dark Lord of Mordor, to rule Middle-earth. In this Tower Defense you must defend the Stronghold with towers through the 30 waves of Undead units attacking it. Addresses several bugs and adds some new features.


Naruto vs Bleach b – Warcraft 3 Maps – Epic

Defense of the Ancients v2. Planet Escape is a team tower defence featuring 37 waves of monsters plus a bonus level, it has more than 16 types of towers and more than 50 towers total.

Once you have your team, your objective is to throw the Frisbee to warcgaft of your team mates. Buy a host of armorweapon items and challenge an enemy hero to a duel!

This video refers to situations that show up jukes, fog abuses, perception, kills, mindgames and much more With aerial support you can send the lieutenants of their latest raid back to Hell. Choose from various heroes of each race, each blach four abilities, as well as 12 other abilities the player may purchase with one “lumber,” which is given at each level.

The map allows players to cater to their style of play by selecting from 3 different profiles: It contains many special features that other melee maps do not have. The game balance is improved with every version, new items, heroes and new spells are added. Its got more “stuff” in general msp, which means no more barren places of the ma. Once again, improvements have been made to the incredibly popular ‘DoTA Allstars’ map.

Fantasy Tactics is a WarCraft 3: It is the place to share and discover information about anything and everything game-related.


warcraft 3 map naruto vs bleach 1.3b

This is the seventh official bonus map package for Warcraft III: This map contains a bunch of semi Olympic events with a Warcraft twist, 1.b3 first person to complete all events wins! The map features several different scenarios, each of which contains villains with different abilities.

Ancients vs Demons starts each team of players on opposite sides of the map; one start north, the other starts south.

warcraft 3 map naruto vs bleach 1.3b

Once again, improvements have been made to the incredibly popular DoTA Allstars map, and we have it here, available to you! Ten farmers from Northhaven escaped into the surrounding woods under dark of night.

Yet another version of the DotA AllStars map. Installation Just copy the map file to your maps directory Uther Party is a collection of mini games that blrach randomly selected for everyone to play.

warcraft 3 map naruto vs bleach 1.3b

Lush greenery has almost succeeded in cloaking the ruins of a city whose name has passed into memory.