Many of these ceremonies involve the nearly young monks that go to school within the Dragon Flower Temple itself. There is not only a nearby convenience store for buy a drink but a public bathroom right inside the Mall itself. As a result of illegal use of disputes, all the custodes borne by the user, has nothing to do with this site. Because it is typically a safe place on the stomach to eat at, Yoo Chinatown Fishball is the perfect place to get your toes wet. This claim is based on the plaque inside with a Chinese inscription that states that the shrine was built in Like any temple, you will remove your shoes and hat before entering. The Yaowarat and Phahurat Tour is a one day and night guided walking tour through Yaowarat and Phahurat , the home of Bangkok’s sizable Chinese and Indian communities.

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Yaowarat Road

In Buddhism, these fake bank notes are burned in order to have them in the afterlife. You could walk straight into Trok Issaranuphap if you’re in a hurry, but you might want to see Wat Kanikapon by walking just a little bit north.

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As Yaowarat and Phahurat are remarkably off the traditional tourist track, there is less to worry about than elsewhere in the city. While visiting you must remove shoes and women need to cover their hair with a provided orange scarf.

After experiencing the delights of Chinatown, the hotel has a soothing spa for you. Buy and drink enough fluids, but don’t carry huge bottles of water in your backpack, as there are plenty of markets and convenience stores selling cooled beverages. In the morning, the Talat Kao or Old Market is running here, and old it is — it has been up and running since the late 18th century.


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Most tourists don’t know about this place, so it’s a nice way to see how the locals live. Junk Shops Sieng Kong: The Khemer style tower on the North side is a good landmark to help you spot the large Temple, as it can get lost in the urban jungle. Then expect that yaowaraat through your sometimes single file visit you stop hating Walking Street and will start to love it. The best part about staying here is how the cute boutique rooms are themed to feel like old Shanghai.

About The Guan Yu Shrine: It’s a modern shopping centre with many stores selling fabrics and accessories.

If you’re in a group, you are especially well off as most of the dishes are meant for sharing. The most common language spoken here is Chinese, and if you were dumped down in the middle of Yaowarat, you would probably think you were in China. Yaowarat and Phahurat Tour. Information on this page and in our walking tours were deemed accurate when published, however, details such as opening hours, rates, transportation, and safety can change without notice. Yaowarat and Phahurat certainly don’t take first place on the Bangkok to-do list of most travellers.

About Yodpiman Flower Market: Now it is, what else, a market, mostly with tacky goods for teenagers. This restaurant is your best bet for quality Indian food, as its curries have won many awards.


In front of many of the shops, you will find incense burning at small shrines, honouring family members in the afterlife. It’s at its most lively around About Leng Buai Ia Shrine: Streaming and Download help.

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If you’re on a tighter budget, an alternative could be to go food cart hopping, a popular activity among Bangkok’s residents. In the end of the Ayutthaya period, the image was covered with plaster to hide its value from enemies invading Thailand.

Understand [ edit ]. A large portion of the mall is fabric sales but they also have many tacky souvenirs.

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Walk back to the main yaowaraf and take a right. Essentially, it is a packed dark alleyway with Chinese merchants selling a plethora of things, such as ginseng roots, fish heads, chocolate cookies and other foodstuffs. Download font dsn yaowarat by Main page. As promised before, you should see Yaowarat’s neon lights in action, as well as getting your stomach filled with some delicious Chinese delicacies. The roof shows fotn dragons playing with a pearl as is common in Chinese temples.

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This is one of the best photo opportunities in Bangkok.